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Blake Cory

Discover the strategies and mindset shifts that propelled Blake from adversity to success in the real estate industry

Unveiling the Blueprint for Success


Unlock the secrets to success as Blake shares their personal journey of triumph over adversity. From their early days as a determined barista to their current role as a trusted authority in the real estate landscape, Blake's story serves as an inspiring blueprint for aspiring professionals.

Hear What Other Agents Are Saying:

Alex Owens

"Blake's help in guiding me through the treacherous waters that are starting and growing a successful real estate team has been truly invaluable. I can directly track countless deals we've closed back to the systems he helped me implement, so the ROI has been incredible. Apart from the sales/marketing benefits, Blake is an incredible leader, so I've learned so much from him on how to properly run a business and lead my team to the success they're each after individually. I can't imagine where my business would be had I not made the investment to learn from one of the best in the business. He's one of the few in this industry who have actually walked the walk, so don't sleep on this - reach out to him today to ensure you avoid the pitfalls he's fallen into and leverage the hacks he's found along the way. You'll watch your business explode."

Sindee Katz

"I've been taking Blake's course and attending the weekly meet-up (group coaching) sessions and he has over-performed. His Brain has so much knowledge that ensures all of his Passion for Our Success. it's Amazing!

Thank You, Blake!"

Kevin Scoggin

"I have participated in a number of real estate coaching programs that helped me increase my production. I had never encountered a real estate coaching program that taught you how to build an actual real estate sales business until I met Blake. There is a BIG difference between just learning how to increase production and building an actual business. Blake has helped me increase production, dial in my P & L (learn how to be an actual business owner), and create an actual strategy to grow my business. I feel like I have a clear plan and path forward instead of just hoping and praying my business grows. I also value that Blake is still in the trenches himself leading one of the top teams in California so I know he is speaking from experience and not just theory."



Learn the skills you'll need

to promote and run business

Identify your values and goals

Discover what truly matters to you and set clear objectives for your journey.

Lead Generation

Master the art of generating high-quality leads to propel your real estate business forward and maximize your earning potential.

Move past your blind spots

Overcome obstacles by recognizing and addressing areas where you may be missing crucial insights.

Recruit an army of agents

Build a strong and motivated team of real estate agents who are dedicated to success and growth, multiplying your impact and influence in the market.

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